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Relaxation/ Swedish 

Sink into deep relaxation with a classic Swedish massage which utilizes long, fluid strokes to ease tension in your muscles and increase circulation. This full body massage is the perfect way to reset. Based on your needs, Swedish Massage can also be performed in combination with Therapeutic Massage, so that you can address specific pain or mobility issues along with the opportunity to simply relax.

60 mins        $90

Reiki Treatment

Reiki / Energy Balance 


Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Perhaps some energy rebalancing and energetic attention could be just the trick to realign your chakras and help you feel more in tune. It’s commonly stated that emotions can remain trapped in the body. Toby will intuitively scan your body for energetic blocks that could stand to be cleared, leaving you feeling lighter and less burdened. 

Head Massage

Cranial Sacral 


Cranial Sacral is a gentle treatment that has received accolades in recent years for its ability to relieve tension and compression of the head, neck, spin and sometimes pelvis in order to increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluids in these areas. This can allow the nervous system to normalize and for the receiver to have greater mobility. Multiple treatments are recommended for the best results.


Therapeutic Massage 


Therapeutic Massage can be very effective for injuries, stiff joints, carpal tunnel, TMJ, and many other ailments. Toby will ask you questions about your specific concerns in order to customize your treatment for the best possible results. Techniques used may include Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, gentle assisted stretching, etc.

60 mins        $90

Cupping Therapy



Cupping has gained popularity in recent years. The traditional technique utilizes silicone or glass cups that are (only for a moment) set on fire inside and then placed on the skin, creating suction. Modern cupping does not even use actual fire and instead uses heating via technology. The process is painless and allows for toxins to be pulled to the surface of the skin. And you’ll have a cool, temporary back tattoo to prove it. ;) Many athletes tout Cupping as a tool to revitalize their muscles for better performance.




Ease the discomforts that can arise during pregnancy with this gentle, yet specific technique to help improve back pain, circulation issues, tension, and other pain points that can occur throughout pregnancy. Pre-natal massage should only be performed on mothers-to-be in their 1st and 2nd trimesters.

60 mins        $90


Integrated Deep Tissue 


Deep Tissue is traditionally performed without oil over the sheet for pointed, specific attention to places in pain or discomfort. This treatment which utilizes deeper pressure can be extremely effective for injuries or areas of extreme tension. 

60 mins        $90

Professionally Licensed

Massage Therapy


Cranial Sacral Healing

CAMTC# 10870  MIP# 41446

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Toby O'Dell's

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