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Colonics and Holistic Treatments (including BEMER)

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Cellular Detox Therapy


Offered as a special package, this healing treatment opens up the body's detox pathways as well as targets cellular regeneration.


These treatments in combination with one another are balancing for the Lymphatic and Neuromuscular systems, as well as beneficial for joint and bone health.


Leave feeling revived and strengthened.

TO BOOK THIS SPECIAL, please visit (our neighboring center) and choose "Cellular Detox Therapy" when scheduling your appointment!


Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy or colonics is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. Filtered and temperature regulated water is gently introduced into the colon, and waste is softened and loosened, resulting in natural elimination. The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste is repeated several times during a session. The specialized equipment used ensures an easy, odorless, safe and sanitized way of cleansing the colon.

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Experience the vast benefits of better circulation! BEMER treatments utilizes a pulsing electromagnetic field (abbreviated as PEMF) that sends signals to stimulate muscles and increase blood flow. The BEMER machine is non-invasive - you just lie on the mat and allow Toby to determine the best setting for you. Multiple sessions are encouraged for the best results!


Watch the official video from BEMER:

Reiki Treatment

Electro Lymphatic Therapy - 60 min.


Electro Lymphatic Therapy is an accelerated method of moving stagnant, sticky lymphatic fluid out of the body. Your lymphatic drainage therapist will use a hand-held wand to send high-frequency electrical pulses into your lymphatic system. These healing frequencies break up congestion, rebalance the cells and enhance your immunity. 


People who have received Electro Lymphatic Therapy report relief from a wide range of seemingly unrelated conditions, from sore throats to chronic pain, fibrocystic breasts to TMJ, degenerative discs to prostate problems. With a well-functioning lymphatic system, you too can say hello to improved health. This non-invasive detoxification technology is the key to vibrant well- being throughout your body/mind/spirit.

Infrared Sauna 

Infrared saunas are very gentle and effective for detoxifying the body. As opposed to common saunas (steam or rock), infrared saunas can operate at a lower temperature to produce the same effect of sweating out toxins. Rather than heating the outer of layer of skin like a traditional sauna, infrared can penetrate the skin like warm sunlight without the risk of a sunburn. Lower temperatures also allows for longer sessions and fewer breathing issues due to steam or high heat. Some of the benefits of infrared saunas are increased circulation throughout the body, muscle pain relief, and mood elevation. Try out an Infrared Sauna session at Toby O’ Dell’s Integrative Holistics and promote wellness for your body and spirit!

earthing mat copy.jpeg

Earthing Mat


What is an Earthing Mat? 


Earthing Mats mimic the same negative electron connection that your body or feet would have if they connected to the earth (grass, trees, water) more often. Our ancestors walked barefoot and slept on the earth - “grounding” them. Today, we have lost this physical connection to the earth through the use of shoes, cars, floors, concrete, etc. As part of Toby’s massage services, you have the option to lay on the Earthing mat during your treatment and receive even MORE wonderful wellness benefits! 

Professionally Licensed

Massage Therapy


Cranial Sacral Healing

CAMTC# 10870  MIP# 41446

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